Installation of machinery and industrial equipment

Montaż maszyn i urządzeń przemysłowych

We provide installation services of full spectrum of industrial machinery and equipment. We carry out mechanical and electrical works, engineering and design services as well as piping and steelwork installation.

The scope of work is always stated by the Client. We can install single appliance as well as all manufacturing lines in the plant. We do work either for equipment manufacturers or for big manufacturing corporations.

Scope of installation works

  1. Dismantling and removal of existing equipment/installations/objects
  2. Adaptation of foundations
  3. Matchmarking the floor and connections of the line to be installed
  4. Offloading and setting down the machinery
  5. Levelling and alignment with modern equipment
  6. Mechanical and electrical installation
  7. Technological media connections (utilities)
  8. Prefabrication and installation of steelwork
  9. Testing and preparation for commissioning

Additional Services

If the Client wishes we can undertake analysis of CE Machinery Directive compliance of the machinery and upgrade it to technical condition which allows for its safe exploitation.

Quality Management System and OHSAS

According to our process based on QMS and OHSAS our work teams are always led by engineers and H&S specialists. Therefore you can be sure that your quality and safety requirements are met with willingness and consequence.