Relocation of manufacturing lines

Relokacje linii produkcyjnych

We are happy to support our customers undertaking their expansion by moving their production to other areas which are benefitting by lower manufacturing costs or are just closer to their clients – receivers of their goods.

Manufacturing processes are frequently relocated into new locations in order to reduce costs or bring the production into closer proximity of the clients. While relocation the production lines, there are no borders (technical, geographical or administrative) that we will not overcome.

Relokacje linii produkcyjnych

Complete turnkey relocation

We are offering turnkey relocation package which practically means that we are taking over your machine straight from production process and hand it over to you in new location set up and ready to continue its manufacturing task, taking care of mechanical and electrical activities required to make it happen.

Relocation Process

  1. Project planning together with customer teams
  2. Mapping the layout and match-marking of all connection points
  3. Dismantling the machine/line info transportable pieces
  4. Packaging if required
  5. Transporting dismantled machinery to target location
  6. Installation and connection to factory utilities network
  7. Testing and pre-commissioning works
  8. Commissioning (if required by the customer)

Relocation process is always supported by project management and engineering team. Their task is to prepare and execute project realisation, adherent to scope of works, time schedule, budget and expected results.

Additional Services

If the Client wishes we can undertake analysis of CE Machinery Directive compliance of the machinery and upgrade it to technical condition which allows for its safe exploitation.

Quality Management System and OHSAS

According to our process based on QMS and OHSAS our work teams are always led by engineers and H&S specialists. Therefore you can be sure that your quality and safety requirements are met with willingness and consequence.