Project executions

Completed projects are our best reference. If you need similar solutions, please do not hesitate to write or call us.

Installation of new canning lines

9 March 2021
Installation of new conveyors for canning line, relocation of decorators, installation of new bodymakers.

Installation of automatic parcel sorting line (BG)

6 March 2021
Turnkey installation of automatic parcel sorting line for the customer from logistics industry

Turnkey relocation of CNC machining line Germany – Poland

5 March 2021
Turnkey relocation of Mazak 6200Y CNC machining line from Germany to Poland

Installation of curing oven (polymerisation chamber) line for building materials sector

4 March 2021
To install curing oven line including dust cleaning system and exhaust filters

Modernisation of automated parcel sorting line

3 March 2021
Modifications and upgrade of working line to new capacity and functionality